VIATEK Polish & Grind Intelligent Machine

Update: 2016-10-19 Views:409
The latest product of VIATEK Polish & Grind Intelligent Machine, with touch screen operation, graphic interface, stable & smooth OS, has been developed successfully. It is suitable for processing stone embryo of different specifications, especially for raw stones. Because the processing parameters setup are simple and easy, the layers and facets can be switched optionally, and the angles and moving itineraries can be adjusted automatically and accurately, it can help operators reducing a mass of workload, and completely avoiding mistakes always made when switching facets.

* Touch screen operation, graphic interface. Stable&Smooth WinCE 7.0 OS.
* Easy to learn, novices can master the operation expertly in a short training time.
* Be.
* Polishing and grinding effect much more better than automatic muller.
* The polishing or grinding facet displayed as graphic schematic, clear and highlighted.
* Upgrade software by USB, easy & convenient.
* The data can be copied to computers or other machines by USB.

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